Incredibly Easy Way To Automate Your Email Campaigns.‎

how to automate emails

Incredibly Easy Way To Automate Your Email Campaigns.‎

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If you like me and are extremely busy with web design projects you likely have very little time to spend on creating a weekly newsletter. I used to spend hours each week designing web design newsletters to send out and after awhile it just became too much and as the result, I decided to abandon this project and put my newsletter on a hiatus.

However, recently I found an incredibly easy way to automate my emails. If you have a website that runs on WordPress, Drupal or any other CMS, your website automatically generates xml feed you can use to setup automated newsletter to send out to your subscribers.

All you need is a free MailChimp account and have a link to your xml feed that your SMS generates automatically. That’s it. Setting up an automated email newsletter is super easy and fast and it will save you tons of time every week and free your time to work on other projects.

Here is the video I made on how to Automate Your Email Campaigns using Mailchimp free account.


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