How To Download WordPress Media Library Without Using FTP

download wordpress media library

How To Download WordPress Media Library Without Using FTP

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I recently needed to download media library from client’s WordPress website without access to FTP. If you search WP directory you’ll see that there aren’t many free plugins available for this.

One of the most popular plugins for downloading WordPress library is downML – Download Media Library.

Unfortunately it hasn’t been updated in a while and many people are getting an error when they try to download the library using this plugin.

Here is the error message: “Sorry Sonny! Something went wrong. Reason: zip open failed. ”

After some research, I found a solution on one of the forums. (Credit).

Step 1.

Simply go to your plugin list after downloading downML. Then click edit right under downML – Download Media Library plugin title and find following file: downml_settings_page.php

fix downML errorStep 2.

Find and replace following line:

if($zip->open($destination,$overwrite ? ZIPARCHIVE::OVERWRITE : ZIPARCHIVE::CREATE) !== true) {

with this

if($zip->open($destination, ZIPARCHIVE::CREATE) !== true) {

That’s all you need. You might also need to change plugin permission folder to 777, but for me, it worked without it.

Final tip: Once you download the library, don’t forget to deactivate and delete this plugin. Any plugins you’re not using should be removed, to ensure your WordPress website loads fast. Also be careful with any plugins that haven’t been updated for awhile, they’re more likely to have security bugs and issues.

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