How To Add a Free Chatbot To Your WordPress Website

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How To Add a Free Chatbot To Your WordPress Website

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Chatbots are becoming more popular every day. You can now use all types of chatbots, including many that utilize Facebook platform to interact with others.

But what if you wanted to add chatbot to your website rather than Facebook page? Many small businesses want to add chat capability to their website but can’t find time to respond or manage it.

If you don’t have time to respond to users, but still want to have chat on your site, you can now easily add a free chatbot feature to your WordPress website.

I’ve tried multiple services and plugins, but the one I liked the most is called Live Chat 24/7 by botego.

It’s easy to install and you can easily switch between a regular chat and an automated chatbot with a click of a button.

Training and improving your chatbot is extremely easy. All you need to do is provide answers to commonly asked questions, and the plugin will then try to match user questions to the answers you provided. If chatbot fails to find the right answer it can politely direct users to the contact form page or provide email for them to use instead.

LiveChat 24/7 can also learn from previous interactions and as more people use chat, it becomes better at providing the right answers.

If you’re online, you can easily turn chatbot off and respond to users directly. However, whenever you’re away, your bot will continue providing friendly customer support 24/7.

It also keeps record and stats of all the interactions so you can analyze the results of all the conversations.

chatbot statistics

Is chatbot plugin free? Yes, it’s completely free for a single live agent, which is perfect for a blog or a small business website. If you need more, it’s only $29/month (with longer chat history log and e-mail support).

What else should I know? LiveChat 24/7 also allows integrating with few popular apps like Facebook and Slack. If you use slack you can be notified when someone is using it on your site and you can get the messages there.

chatbot apps integration

One problem I found is that Android app doesn’t seem to work for me. After installing the app on my Samsung I didn’t receive any automatic notifications and the app was buggy. Hopefully, this will be addressed by the developers in the future. For now, I’m happy with this free plugin that helps me add free chat capability to my site, without too much hassle or forcing me to always be online.

It’s a great plugin and I hight recommend it, even though it will probably take some time to learn from previous interactions to be more accurate and better at responding to the questions. But by having around the clock chat feature on your website, you can now provide answers and help customers even after regular business hours end or when you’re offline.

To try LiveChat WordPress plugin, click here

More Helpful ChatBot Resources:

If you’re using or would like to recommend any other free WordPress chatbot plugins, so we can share it with others, please use comments below. Thank you.

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