Double Your LinkedIn Connections In Just Five Minutes A Day

Double linkedin connections

Double Your LinkedIn Connections In Just Five Minutes A Day

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More than 300 million people are using LinkedIn, making it the world’s largest professioonal social network. What can you do to get th most out of it?

When it comes to networking, LinkedIn represents the more professional side of social media. With more than 300 million users, the site is the go to social network for professional people who want to strengthen their business contacts and build up their personal brand without getting buried under a mountain of funny cat e-cards and celebrity posts!


While sites like Facebook and Twitter get most of the attention, for business owners, LinkedIn is the far more attractive – and sometimes the more beneficial – choice for online networking with more than 40% of small business owners believing that LinkedIn offers them the greater potential for growth of all social networking sites.

There is no denying the opportunities that LinkedIn can present to business owners, but those opportunities can only be made the most of when you have plenty of LinkedIn Connections. The good news is, that with this new infographic from (source) you can learn how to ‘Double Your LinkedIn Connections In Just Five Minutes A Day’.

One of the suggestions offered is to put a more personal touch into your interactions with other LinkedIn users. A great approach is to describe yourself in a face to to face situation. Do not over edit your description of yourself, instead keep the tone conversational and avoid the cliches! The same goes for when you are reaching out to others you want to connect with. Leave a personal comment regarding why you want to connect. This could be to follow up on a chance encounter at a recent event, or simply because you admire a blog post of theirs that you have read.

With the help of tips like these, you will soon find yourself able to make more connections with other LinkedIn users without eating into your valuable time.

Double Your LinkedIn Connections in Just Five Minutes a Day - Via Who Is Hosting This: The Blog


About Author: Alex Goodwill is passionate about professional networking and believes lots of great opportunities can come out from it. He shared with us this nice infographic, created by Who is Hosting This.

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