Asana Hacks: How To Move Projects Between Workspaces in Asana

asana hacks moving projects

Asana Hacks: How To Move Projects Between Workspaces in Asana

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This article will show how you can copy Asana projects from one workspace to another.

There are many options when it comes to project management tools. I tried a few, but one of my favorite and the one I use the most is Asana. It’s usually the first program I open when I’m starting to work on my freelance projects. Asana is an excellent free tool that helps organize and manage your projects and collaborate with other team members.


You can create unlimited workspaces and projects, setup Trello like boards, use calendars and keep track of all your tasks in one place. You can also collaborate with up to 15 people in a free version. It’s really an amazing project management app and helped me stay on track on many projects. If you haven’t tried it, it’s definitely worth checking out (Asana). To learn more and how to use it, see helpful Asana guides located on the website.

One problem I recently ran into is not being able to move projects from one workspace to another.

If you work on a project inside the workspace and that project expands in scope one way to accommodate this is to create a new workspace and move tasks there. Asana by itself doesn’t allow you move tasks or projects from one workspace to another. Copying and pasting would take forever, so you need a better solution.

After browsing help forums, I found a handy little free tool that uses Asana API that allows moving projects between workspaces.

To move your projects with tasks and comments inside them, simply go to >

Then connect your asana account when prompted and select projects you want to move from and to.

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Due to Asana API time limit, it will take few minutes to copy all the files, but once the process has been completed, you should see all your projects, and tasks with all the comments in the new workspace. That’s it. Hopefully Asana will consider adding this feature in the future, so you won’t have to rely on 3rd party software and hacks to do this.

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