72 Essential Features of an Ecommerce Website

72 Essential Features of an Ecommerce Website

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A well-designed website is mandatory for any e-commerce business. After all, your website is the place where your potential customers will buy from you. But e-commerce sites are usually complex. There are many minor details that might not be obvious. But missing those details can affect the conversion rate.

There are many popular e-commerce platforms out there. To design your e-commerce site, you may use a platform or build it from scratch. But whichever you choose, knowing the essential features of an e-commerce site is a must for the designers and also for the site owners.


Though e-commerce sites vary in types, there are some essential features that almost all e-commerce sites must have. Ignoring these will damage the overall quality of your site, hamper the user experience and impact your business outputs.

WebAlive, the leading web design and development company in Australia, has recently published an infographic that mentions these essential features very neatly. The infographic presents the structures of each major pages that an e-commerce site should have, namely, the home page, category page, product page, checkout page, and blog.

It also mentions the essential backend features that are necessary to properly manage an e-commerce site. Finally, the infographic mentions some other features like responsiveness, browser compatibility, security issues etc.

must have eCommerce features

Infographic source – https://www.webalive.com.au/ecommerce-website-features/

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